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Schnucks-Potential Liability For Slip and Fall Injuries

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Schnucks Grocery Store Potential Slip and Fall Injuries


Schnucks is one of the largest privately held supermarket chains in the entire United States. While those of us that have lived in St. Louis and the midwest for a number of years many of those on the east and west coast do not know about this particular company. Like all grocery stores and supermarkets, Schnucks has a produce and floral section in almost all of their stores.


When walking into the produce section of any supermarket many shoppers do not notice the floor mats in front of each of the produce stands. It is the duty of the supermarket retailer to make this area safe for patrons and shoppers. With many fruits and vegetables being wet or watered down throughout the day there will be water that gets on the floor. Grocery stores and supermarkets often have tile or linoleum floors which gets very slippery when it is wet.


Unfortunately, there are times in which a store is negligent in their duty to create a safe shopping environment. We have had cases in which a store manager or employee knowingly did not replace a damaged or waterlogged mat causing a dangerous environment for shoppers. Other times the employee will remove the mat but will not replace it with a dry mat. This is extremely dangerous as the tile floor can get wet. Shoppers are looking up rather than down when shopping for groceries. This is what makes the potential for a slip and fall injury very likely. If you are seeking legal representation from a St. Louis slip and fall lawyer contact us today at 314-584-4109.


While Schnucks is a well run company there are 97 stores throughout the midwest. It is the duty and obligation of Schnucks to make certain that employees of each of these stores is aware of the potential for slip and fall injuries in the produce department. If any employee is improperly trained and a slip and fall injury occurs it is the fault of the retailer or grocery store.


Another area in which there is the potential for a slip and fall injury is anywhere in the store in which there are freezers or refrigerators. The floral department tends to have one or two refrigerators to keep flowers fresh. With people opening and closing this refrigerator door throughout the day condensation could form on the floor below the refrigerator. We have also seen cases in which the refrigerator will leak but employees will only put down a few paper towels to try to dry up they water. They don't even display a "slippery when wet" sign. This is negligence.


There tend to be refrigerators and freezers in the front of a Schnucks grocery store as well. These refrigerators house Coca-Cola, Pepsi and water products that can be purchased at the check out line. This is the most congested part of any grocery store. If any of these refrigerators are leaking it is going to potentially cause slip and fall injuries.

Schnucks has a large presence throughout the entire midwest but it was started in the city of St. Louis. Here are all the St. Louis locations.

  • 315 North 9th Street St. Louis St. Louis 63101

  • 3960 Lindell Blvd St. Louis St. Louis 63108

  • 4127 N Grand St. Louis St. Louis 63107

  • 4171 Lindell Blvd St. Louis St. Louis 63108

  • 3430 S. Grand St. Louis St. Louis 63118

  • 5055 Arsenal St. Louis St. Louis 63139

  • 3431 Union St. Louis St. Louis 63115

  • 60 Hampton Village Plaza St. Louis St. Louis 63109

  • 1020 Loughborough St Louis St Louis 63111

  • 7450 Hampton Ave St Louis St Louis 63109

  • 6920 Olive Blvd St. Louis St. Louis 63130

  • 8037 West Florissant Avenue St Louis St Louis 63136

  • 8650 Big Bend St. Louis St. Louis 63119

  • 10070 Gravois St. Louis St. Louis 63123

  • 1589 Sierra Vista Plaza St. Louis St. Louis 63138

  • 5434 Southfield Center St. Louis St. Louis 63123

With a number of different locations offering the potential for a slip and fall injury Schnucks stores need to be very well managed. Schnucks is not the only grocery store or supermarket that has the potential for slip and fall injuries. Over the next few weeks we will highlight some of the other St. Louis, Missouri stores that could be liable for a slip and fall or trip and fall injury. Contact us today at 314-584-4109 if you have any questions as it relates to slip and fall or trip and fall injuries.

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