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Hurt in a Waterpark?

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St. Louis Waterpark Injury Lawyer


If you have been injured due to the negligence of a staff member or a malfunction of a water slide contact Alvin Wolff Jr. & Associates at 314-241-2500.


A waterpark might seem like a purely fun place, but it’s a serious business for the staffers who keep it up and running. That’s because waterparks have a stringent set of safety standards set in place by the government. These rules cover everything from lifeguard training to water quality to the inspection and maintenance programs used to keep the park running.


The staff at a waterpark stands on the front lines when it comes to ensuring that park-goers are safe and happy. That’s why many professional lifeguards partake in ongoing education sessions and seminars in order to keep their techniques up to date. They know more than just CPR, too; they should know how to use defibrillators, backboards, and oxygen delivery, among other skills. To make sure that lifeguards are ready in any situation, a park might set up a simulation so that they can practice their methods with local responders on-site as well.


Aside from the lifeguards, the grounds of the waterpark should meet certain safety standards. This is especially important in the case of water quality, although it’s very rare that an illness would spread through the water at an amusement park. Typically, though, the waterpark team works with local government to maintain the water quality so that it reaches the highest health standard. They’ll usually check the water at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure that this quality never wavers.


Finally, waterpark staff takes extra care to watch out for children and weak swimmers who splash their way onto the scene. In the case of the former, staffers keep an eye out for kids who might not be wearing the proper swim gear. That’s why most parks will have disposable, waterproof diapers on-hand, as well as flotation devices. Weak swimmers can slip on a life jacket, of course; they can also partake in the swim lessons and water safety training that many waterparks offer.


With this information in mind, it’s time to hit the road and check out one of the waterparks close to St. Louis. Splash City in Collinsville, Illinois, has it all: twisting side-by-side water slides, a never-ending wave for surfing, a kid-sized slide, and a lazy river on which inner tubes float in leisurely circles. In Grafton, Illinois, you can catch a glimpse of the Mississippi River from Raging Rivers Waterpark. Its sprawling grounds encompass a beachy wave pool, a raft ride, body flumes, and more. No matter where you end up, you can slide, splash, and swim knowing that there are regulations in place designed to keep you and your family safe.


Note that slip and fall injuries are common a water parks because there are many places in which standing water accumulates. Always be aware of your surroundings and make certain the little ones know the risks of running or jogging near water.



I used this to find out some of the safety standards and training requirements: http://www.iaapa.org/safety-and-advocacy/safety/water-park-safety/overview

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