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when the lawyer gets in a bike wreck

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it's 3 am the morning after my bike wreck.  the pain medicine has worn off. i'm waiting for the next dose to kick in so i can go back to sleep.  the facts of the crash keep repeating in my mind; going over the railroad tracks and my bike wheel goes into a crack parallel  to my direction cauing the bike to stop and then causing the bike and me to flip.  i land on my left arm and then hear my helmet crack on the road.  lying there dazed, i pull myself up and know i'm in pain. three emt attendants see me in the street and start assessing me for head injury.  it's not my head, it's my arm.  i have plans for my arm, lots of them. i need it to train for my ms 150 ride, i need it for golf, i need it for typing so i can capitalize letters; i feel these plans are dashed.  what's going to happen to me? an ambulance takes me to the emergency room. in rapid sequence i see the person who wants to know how they're getting paid.  now the adreneline is wearing off and the pain takes over.  my fingers are numb and i start crying.  i go to another room and see the triage nurse, then the er doctor, then to xray, then the er doctor and the orthopedist.  i am told no broken bone...maybe a rotator cuff tear.  i think not.  it feels lower like a triceps or a deltoid muscle.  time will tell.  i'm given a pain pill and a tetanus shot.  my arm is put in a sling and i go out the door wondering what's next?
if this is happening to you, i may be able to help and...i feel your pain.

will i make a claim?  it's too soon to tell.  i need more information about the nature and extent of my harm. i do know going to cleveland for depositions on monday with a dead arm will be no picnic.

i know the attorney for the railroad and i put him on notice of the dangerous condition and my accident.  i photographed the defect while waiting for the ambulance.  it looks like i'll be doing a lot of waiting for the near future.

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