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What makes a dog bite case meritorious?


There are three types of cases in dog bites:

  1. Strict libility-now most dog bites hold the owner strictly liable by a statute that says the same thing.
  2. Premises liablity-if the owner knows something about the dog that makes the area where the dog lives unsafe, the landowner can be responsible for injuries caused by the dog.
  3. Negligence per se-If the dog causes an injury by violating an ordinace that is in effect to protect the class of people the ordinance was designed to protect, there can be liability such as a leash law violation and the dog is off the leash when he runs in front of a bicyclist on the street and the bicyclist in injured.


There are over 4,000,000 dog bites a year.  It is epidemic and should be curtailed by more resonsible pet ownership.