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Why can’t I pursue a St. Louis truck accident lawsuit on my own?


You can. There’s no law that says you must have a lawyer by your side in order to pursue a claim of personal injury in Missouri.

You have every right to pursue a lawsuit, with or without the help of an attorney. You will simply need to:

  • Determine which state and federal trucking laws were in effect at the time of the crash
  • Obtain the evidence to prove that the truck driver caused the Missouri truck accident
  • Determine who to name as defendants in the lawsuit
  • File all the necessary paperwork
  • Meet every deadline
  • Keep a record of all medical documents, including treatment and bills
  • Handle any defense accusations or arguments
  • Negotiate a sizeable settlement
  • Be prepared to go to court if a proposed settlement is unsatisfactory

This list just covers the basics. If you believe you have the skills and time to successfully handle each of these steps on your own, go for it!

However, you should know that truck accident lawsuits are extremely complicated and demand a lot of work. Even a lawyer familiar with the intricacies of this type of lawsuit will need to put in considerable time on any lawsuit regarding a St. Louis truck accident injury.

That is why we strongly recommend that you hire a St. Louis truck accident attorney, specifically one who is knowledgeable about the trucking industry in general and truck accident lawsuits in particular.

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