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3 Foot Safe Passing Law Being Considered In Missouri

Posted on Feb 10, 2016

Missour House Bill 2044 is currently in the Transportation Committee of the Missouri House of Representatives.   The summary of the bill is below:

HB 2044 -- OVERTAKING A BICYCLE SPONSOR: Davis This bill specifies that the operator of a motor vehicle overtaking a bicycle proceeding in the same direction on the roadway or on the shoulder of the roadway must leave a safe distance of no less than 3 feet clearance. If this provision is violated or an accident is involved, it is a class C misdemeanor.

The majority of the states in our country require a 3 foot clearance when passing a cyclist.  This law will be difficult to enforce but it can come in handy when a bicyclist is injured in a motor vehicle collision.   The change in the law removes "passing at a safe distance" and requires a 3 foot gap between the passing vehicle and the rider.   

The following representatives on on the Transportation Committee.  If you would like to see safer traffic laws protecting bicyclists, please let your opinions be known to known to these members.   

Kolkmeyer, Glen Chair
Korman, Bart Vice-Chair
McDonald, Tom Ranking Minority Member
Burns, Bob  
Entlicher, Sue  
Hough, Lincoln  
Jones, Caleb  
Lant, Bill  
Mathews, Kirk  
May, Karla  
Roeber, Rebecca  
Rone, Don

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