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Injured Rider Speaks Out To Prevent Missouri Motorcycle Accidents

Posted on Mar 17, 2013

It was an unseasonably warm day in late January — nearly 70 degrees — and Brian Alexander knew exactly how to make the most of the great weather. The Kingsville resident pulled out one of his motorcycles and went for a spin.

That’s when disaster struck. A dump truck driver failed to see the approaching motorcycle and pulled directly in front of Alexander’s bike. Though a seasoned motorcycle rider, Alexander could not stop in time to avoid the Missouri motorcycle crash.

His bike slid directly into the dump truck. He remembers flying pieces of metal and ambulance sirens, but not much more.

The crash caused such severe damage to his right foot that doctors at Research Medical Center had to amputate his right leg. He also went home with a fractured back and a broken left ankle.

Friends of Alexander recently raised more than $4,000 to help him pay for the medical expenses associated with the accident. They also took the opportunity to emphasize the need for other drivers to pay more attention on the roads.

A majority of motorcycle accidents in Missouri and throughout the nation occur because other drivers fail to see the smaller vehicles. As spring nears and more bikers take to the roads, Alexander and his biker friends want to make sure those other drivers get the message: Be on the lookout for motorcycles!

As for Alexander, he expects to be fitted for a prosthetic once the other leg heals. He’s wheelchair-bound for now but hopes to be able to walk again by the end of summer and, hopefully, be back on his motorcycle too. We wish the best for Alexander’s recovery.

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