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Postal Worker Injured in St. Louis Dog Bite Incident

Posted on Apr 25, 2013

A local postal worker isn’t sure she can handle going back to work after a traumatic encounter with a dog.

According to local news reports, 21-year-old Aerial Dixon of Ferguson was delivering mail to a resident’s home in Florissant the afternoon of Saturday, March 30, when she became the victim of a serious Missouri dog bite.

Dixon delivered the mail for a home on Fernbrook Lane and then turned to continue her route. That’s when a dog came rushing out of a house and started chasing her. The boxer mix, which goes by the name Chevy, caught up with her at the next house and started biting her.

Dixon suffered bites to her legs, hands, and arms. Her left leg was badly injured, and she may require skin grafts to replace the skin on it.

Joe Thompson, 28, was taking care of the dog for a friend. He says the front door was shut but that the dog pushed it open and ran after Dixon. He struggled for several minutes to get the dog off the postal worker.

According to Florissant city officials, the dog has no documented history of being dangerous. The dog was quarantined for 10 days, after which time it was expected to be returned to the owner, 40-year-old Jeff Ellis, a truck driver who was out of town when the incident occurred. Neither Thompson nor the dog’s owner was cited for the St. Louis dog attack incident.

Dixon believes more should be done. She thinks the dog should be put to sleep. As for her own future, the incident has left her so traumatized that she fears she may not be able to return to her new job as a postal worker.

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