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Two St. Louis Pedestrians Suffer Dog Bites on Missouri River Greenway

Posted on Feb 13, 2013

Two men suffered dog bites while walking along the Missouri River Greenway in Bridgeton the afternoon of Monday, January 28.

It is not clear what exactly lead up to the incidents. When officers with the Bridgeton Police Department arrived on the scene shortly after 4 p.m., they found two men waiting in the parking lot near the walking trail, which is part of the Missouri River Greenway project. One man had a dog bite on his arm while the other had a dog bite on his leg.

The two dogs suspected in the incident were also in the vicinity. According to St. Louis County Animal Control, one of the dogs was a pit bull and the other was a terrier mix.

As police attempted to approach the victims, one of the officers said the dogs began to run toward her. She shot the pit bull, causing the two dogs to run off into the woods.

Emergency personnel attended to the men’s wounds. Both were treated for minor injuries and allowed to go home. Meanwhile, police began a park-wide search for the dogs, closing the park until the animals could be found.

Members of the St. Louis County Animal Control spotted the dogs four hours later and caught them. The pit bull was taken to Webster Groves Animal Hospital where it was being treated for the gun wound. The terrier mix was taken to the St. Louis County Animal Care and Control office.

Police are still attempting to identify the owners of the two dogs and determine whether either dog has rabies, a test that is typically performed as a precaution following any dog bite.

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