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Western Trial Lawyers Association Invites Alvin Wolff jr. To Speak At Annual Winter Convention

Posted on Jan 10, 2016

Alvin Wolff Jr. has been invited to speak at the Western Trial Lawyers Winter Convention in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on February 19, 2016.   His topic will be Timelines for Liability and Damages in Premises, Automobile and Medical Negligence cases.

The use of timelines is critical in these cases.  It helps compile a lot of data into one easy to understand flow of events relating to liablity and damages.   If used correctly, these timelines can help win cases and enhance damages.   Conversely, if these timelines are used incorrectly, you case can become a mess.

The problems that we lawyers all have is that we know too much about our case.  The jury knows nothing.  We have to separate the wheat from the chaffe.   The jury doesn't care about a lot of small details.

Our job is to drill a mountain of information down into a molehill that is understandable, digestible and which makes our case winnable.     

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