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Wrongful Death-Suicide Is It Actionable

Posted on Jan 27, 2011

This is kind of cool.  One of my  first trials almost 30 years ago involved a pig farmer's wife who hung herself after getting a medicare claim in the mail which stated that she had a "brain tumor."  My jury was out for 20 minutes and gave a nice award to her 85 year old surviving spouse who said she was the best person with baby pigs that he'd ever saw.   The Missouri Supreme Court issued a ruling on January 25, 2011,  Kivland vs. Columbia Orthopedic Group which reversed a lower court throwing out a case where the plaintiff's decedent suicided after intractable pain following an operation that went haywire.  The court cited my case, Stafford vs. Neurological Medicine Inc. in holding that the trial court made a mistake throwing out the case and therefore the Plaintiff will have her day in court for her husband's wrongful death.

I might add that my opening statement in the Stafford case was listed in the Matthew Bender Book on Opening Statements.

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