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When a Driver Leaves You To Suffer, Call Experienced St. Louis Bicycle Accident Lawyer & Fellow Cyclist Alvin Wolff

You wore brightly colored clothing and donned a helmet. You signaled your turns, patiently endured rude drivers who didn’t have the right of way, and kept your eye out for any possible road hazards.

You did everything you could to prevent an accident, so why did you still end up in the hospital while the driver walked away pain free?

It can be extremely frustrating—not to mention painful—to be the victim of a bike accident, especially when it was no fault of your own. Unfortunately, thousands of bicyclists find themselves in this exact situation every year.

Careless Drivers Can Cause Serious Bike Crashes

If you’ve been hurt in a car/bike accident, chances are great that the driver was at fault. In fact, statistics show that the motorists are responsible for 90 percent of all auto accidents involving bicycles.

In particular, inattentive drivers are a rider’s biggest threat. Distracted drivers simply don’t pay as much attention to the road as they should, making it that much easier for them to miss a small cyclist and cause a serious accident.

Quite often, the driver attempts to shrug off responsibility by saying he or she simply didn’t see you. While that may be true, it doesn’t change the result of the accident or your right to compensation for your injuries.

An experienced bicycling injury lawyer like Alvin Wolff can help you get the compensation you deserve whether you’ve been hurt by:

  • A drunk driver
  • A negligent driver who ignored state laws on driver/cyclist etiquette
  • An inattentive or distracted driver who failed to see you
  • Inadequate roadways

Small Bikes Mean Big Injuries

Cyclists are small compared to other vehicles on the roads, and they can easily get missed on a street crowded with SUVs, pick-up trucks, and other cars. Even curvy residential roads with little traffic provide an abundance of dangerous blind turns. This means that an accident may literally be waiting just around the next corner.

Because cyclists have little protection other than a helmet, any collision that involves a vehicle and bicycle typically results in serious injury to the rider. These injuries are often traumatic, and can include:

  • Head or brain trauma (possible even when wearing a helmet)
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Damage to internal organs
  • Broken or crushed bones
  • Abrasions or road rash
  • Amputation
  • Permanent disability
  • Death of a loved one


Rarely does a bicyclist walk away from a serious car crash unscathed. Often, the collision leaves the victim suffering from the pain of big injuries and struggling to pay high medical bills while unable to work due to the injuries.

When you’re dealing with major injuries, you should enlist the aid of a skilled attorney to make sure you get the appropriate settlement you deserve to cover your expensive medical bills and any lost income.

Choose Rider & Experienced Attorney Alvin Wolff to Represent You

No one knows the hazards that face bicyclists better than another rider. Alvin Wolff, Jr. is an active cyclist, covering more than 3,000 miles a year. His personal experience as a fellow rider makes him uniquely qualified to handle your bicycling injury lawsuit anywhere in Missouri.

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From one rider to another, it’s important that you get legal help following a serious St. Louis bicycling accident. Go with an experienced rider who knows the law and how to protect your rights. Connect with the compassionate team at Alvin Wolff, Jr., and Associates; call 877-241-1020 today to schedule your consultation.


Best Road Bikes for Safety and Avoiding Accidents in 2015


As recently as 2013, over 700 bicyclists were killed and 48,000 injured in the United States. Although many of these accidents did not involve road bikes, and even though many accidents were caused by factors unrelated to the bike itself (such as a drunken automobile driver), the safety features of the road bike that you choose to ride does make a meaningful difference in your ability to avoid an accident or mitigate the seriousness of an accident that you find yourself unable to avoid.


Common Causes of Road Bike Accidents


Among the most common causes of serious road bike accidents are:

  • The bicyclist is hit by a motorist who was unaware of the bicyclist’s presence

  • The bicyclist is knocked into incoming traffic when he loses control of his bike after hitting road debris, uneven pavement or a pothole  

  • The bicyclist enters a dangerous traffic situation and finds himself unable to maneuver or accelerate out of trouble


Safest Road Bikes


Road bike reviews tend to focus more on performance than safety. Nevertheless, some bikes are safer than others. Here are a few models that stand out:


The Alchemy Aithon


The Alchemy Aithon features a hand-built carbon frame with no glue, epoxy or putty used to attach the frame tubes together. This gives the bike greater structural integrity in light-to-medium intensity impacts. Consequently, it is less likely to suffer a catastrophic malfunction (by falling apart) as you are trying to navigate yourself out of trouble or mitigate the severity of an impact.


The Trek Madone 6 Series


What sets the Trek Madone 6 Series apart is (i) its precise steering, which helps you navigate away from trouble in crowded traffic situations and (ii) its quick acceleration, which helps you accelerate out of trouble once you’ve gotten into it. Although expensive at nearly $4,000, this model appeals to serious bicyclists because its basic design has been incorporated into bikes that have won none of the last 12 Tour De France championships.


The Specialized Roubaix SL4 Expert Compact


The most important safety features of this racing bike are its ease of maneuverability in close quarters, and its unusually smooth ride. In particular, this model incorporates vibration-damping technology that will give you a smooth ride over bumpy roads or road debris, making it less likely that you will lose control of the bike when you need it the most.


Coming Soon: The Ford MoDe:Flex Smart Bike


The Ford MoDe:Flex Smart Bike, out perhaps as early as late 2015, is destined to become one of the safest road bikes on the market due to its app-based safety features. These features include information on road conditions, traffic and weather. The app even sends the rider warnings of upcoming road hazards as small as potholes, so that they can be avoided in advance.

Ultimately, there is no one road bike that is safest for all purposes. Which bike is the safest depends on the terrain and road conditions, how much traffic is on the road, what time of day you are likely to be riding (day or night, for example) and many other factors.