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Should I Contact a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer Shortly After an Accident?


The greater St. Louis metro area is full of dangerous roadways that often see car accidents – I-44 and I-55, for example, are particularly prone to serious and even fatal accidents. Under many circumstances, you will need the involvement of an experienced Missouri lawyer to secure a satisfactory outcome. In these situations, the longer you wait the more likely it is that you will be forced to accept an unsatisfactory outcome.


When Should You Call a Lawyer?

Following are a few of the circumstances in which it is important to call a St. Louis area lawyer as soon as possible after an accident:

  • Serious injury or death results. The more serious the accident, the higher emotions will run and the more money will be at stake. This will motivate the opposing party to spare no effort to resolve the case on terms that are decidedly disadvantageous to you – by offering a paltry settlement, for example, by shifting the blame to you, or by demanding an exorbitant settlement. You may even face criminal charges.

  • The police report unfairly blames you for the accident (whether partially or totally). In this case you will lose your case or be forced to settle for less, unless you gather enough admissible evidence to outweigh the evidence represented by the police report. Remember that evidence can go stale over time.

  • The insurance company is uncooperative or involves its own lawyer. In this case, you will have to pressure the insurance company to cooperate, and you will face savvy insurance company lawyers who are specialists at what they do.

  • You receive a settlement offer, either verbally or in the form of a draft settlement agreement. Regardless of whose fault the accident was, it is unlikely that you will be able to negotiate a settlement on your own that is anywhere near as favorable to you as the settlement that an experienced lawyer can negotiate.

  • Witnesses exist who may dispute one party’s version of events. The memories of witnesses tend to gradually erode, and as time passes “I don’t recall” becomes a more acceptable answer in a deposition or a court hearing. A witness’ loss of memory could be particularly damaging if the accident was the other party’s fault.    

  • You are required to complete paperwork that you don’t fully understand. Signing a legal document that you don’t fully understand could be more damaging to you than the accident itself.

  • You intend to file a lawsuit, or another party files a lawsuit against you. Representing yourself in court is about as dangerous as performing surgery on yourself. It is also dangerous to wait until the eve of the first hearing to call a lawyer, because your lawyer will need time to prepare.

  • The statute of limitations deadline is approaching. In St. Louis as well as elsewhere in Missouri, the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit is usually five years from the date of the accident. It drops to two years for medical malpractice claims or claims of intentional misconduct. Once you miss the statute of limitations deadline, your claim will be worthless – you won’t even be able to extract a settlement from the other party.

Car accident claims are like hot meals -- they cool over time until they eventually become worthless. Even if you were the party at fault, the prompt involvement of a lawyer can save you time, money and headaches. If you have been involved in a car accident under any of the foregoing circumstances, or under circumstances that raise similar concerns, don’t wait for the glue of circumstance to harden under your feet – pick up the telephone right now.

Being injured in a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or bicycle accident is a terrifying experience. You may be worried about the extent of your injuries and the prognosis of your condition. You are probably also concerned about how you are going to pay your medical bills, especially if you are not able to work. Plus, the insurance company keeps calling you and you don't know what to do. There is someone who can help. For nearly 30 years, attorney Alvin Wolff has been helping car accident victims—just like you—recover compensation for their injuries.

From our headquarters in St. Louis, The Law Offices of Alvin Wolff Jr. handles cases throughout Missouri as well as in certain areas of Illinois and Colorado. Contact an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney today at (314) 241-2500 or toll free (877) 241-1020 for information on how to proceed with your case.

Car Accident Causes & Common Injuries

Unfortunately, serious traffic accidents are far too common, and are often caused by negligence. When drivers don't pay attention to the road or drive recklessly, the outcome can be catastrophic. Car accidents are frequently caused by:

  • Driver inattention
  • Texting and driving
  • Trucker fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Brake problems
  • Poor road conditions
  • Drunk driving
  • Drug use
  • Shifted truck loads

These accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries such as head trauma, spinal cord injury, paralysis and bone fractures. As an accident victim, you can and should hold the person who caused your accident responsible. You may be able to recover compensation to not only cover your medical expenses, but also your lost income, pain and suffering, mental anguish and other damages resulting from your car accident.


Should I Accept an Insurance Check Immediately After an Accident?


There is a strong likelihood that shortly after a car accident, due to the negligence of another driver, you will be offered a settlement check from the insurance company. Even if this check seems attractive it is a wise decision to contact an experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer for legal advice. An experienced legal professional will be able to assess the value of your car accident case and determine if the car insurance company is trying to lowball you.


Most individuals that drive in and around St. Louis will not be in an automobile accident more than a few times in their lives. Hopefully, the number of car accidents starts to decline therefore more people will never get into a major car accident. Unfortunately, that is not quite the case yet. The fact that most only go through this process once or twice in their lives leaves them with very little experience to determine the value of their case.


Any legal process can be very difficult to understand due to the time and effort it takes to learn the laws that govern the state of Missouri and the entire United States. Rather than trying to take weeks, and possibly months, to learn your legal rights we recommend contacting our law firm today at 314-241-2500. We have lawyers and attorneys that have decades of experience when it comes to car accidents, truck accident, motorcycle accidents and recreational vehicle accidents. Armed with this knowledge and experience we can aggressively go after the maximum compensation for your injuries.


Remember that each case is unique and we will need to get more details about your car accident before moving forward. Once we have gathered the data we will be able to determine the next step in assisting you in receiving a much larger settlement check. This is a process and it does not happen overnight but our team of lawyers will take the necessary steps to make certain you receive your settlement check in an efficient manner. We will also be open and honest with you about where the case is going. You will not be left in the dark wondering when and if you will receive a settlement check after your St. Louis car accident. 

Hire an Accident Attorney Who’ll Get the Job Done

One of the biggest decisions you will make following a serious accident is choosing the right lawyer to represent you. At the Law Offices of Alvin Wolff Jr., we get the job done. We have handled over 8,000 injury cases and have the resources, knowledge and skills to help you win your case. You deserve to be compensated when someone's negligent actions caused you injury. Alvin Wolff will work hard to make sure that happens.

If you've been injured in an auto accident, contact Alvin today at (314) 241-2500 or toll free (877) 241-1020 for a free case analysis.

Using Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat While Driving


Inattentive and/or distracted driving happens to be the cause of many accidents in St. Louis and throughout the state of Missouri. Now that many drivers have access to smartphones at all times the lure of the Internet as at their fingertips. There are some make and model cars that disable smartphone features when Bluetooth is active. Most drivers still have access to all features of their iPhone or Android while they are moving at 65 or 75 mph.


When charging an iPhone or Android in a newer model vehicle (through a USB charger) notifications will automatically turn off. This means drivers will not hear a sound when they receive a text message, Facebook notification or email. While this is very effective it encourages drivers to look down at their phone periodically to see if they have any notifications. It is a catch 22 for technology companies and automakers because a notification will also encourage drivers to look at their phones.


The best way for drivers to avoid any type of distracted driving due to a smartphone is to turn the phone off while driving or simply not have it in the car. Prior to 2000, almost all drivers made it from point A to point B without having any type of telephone. Some may feel as if they need a cell phone for emergency purposes but many new cars have a built in system to alert authorities if there has been an accident or if a vehicle is broken down.


The most popular smartphone app for teenagers in 2015 is Snapchat. This app allows users to see a picture or video for 10 seconds or less and then it disappears forever. This sense of urgency can cause major problems when a Snapchat user is behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle. They know when they open the picture or video they have to give it their full attention because they will never see it again. This means they will take their attention off the road and on their smartphone.

Rather than trying to juggle all the different social media apps, email and telephone calls while driving we strongly encourage you to put your phone in the glove box and give your undivided attention to the road.