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Spread Awareness and Promote Safety With Your Free DNT TXT N DRV Bumper Sticker


A driver who sends or receives a text takes his eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. If a driver is driving 55 miles per hour, he would travel 379.5 feet in 4.6 seconds which is more than a football field.

We all know that texting while driving is dangerous. 49 percent of commuters admitted to texting while driving in a recent survey.

Help Alvin Wolff Jr. and Associates bring awareness of the dangers of texting with a free “DNT TXT N DRV” sticker. Put the sticker on your car, truck, suv or on the wall in your office remind others to keep their eyes and attention on the road and to save texting when they are stopped and safe.

To request your FREE sticker, please email [email protected] and a sticker will be sent.

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